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Frank London - Wikipedia 7, Tuesday, February 1: Many honors decisions went out, including for Turing, Liberal Arts Honors, Plan II, and varied Natural Sciences honors. 1, Thursday, November 18, 2021: UT-Austin has released a tiny batch of top 6% first choice majors in Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences. 5, Friday, January 21, 2022: Uncharacteristically, UT has rejected some auto admits of their first choice major. Some auto admits have received their second choice major. Auto admits not given their first or second major were offered whatever they chose on the final page of Apply Texas like Liberal Arts or Education. Usually, in past cycles with the first big release, about a quarter to a third of my clients get in, and online communities buzz. This is the first time I can recall UT rejecting students prior to the main wave that comes at the end of January. It doesn’t appear to be the “big wave” that tends to go out around this time. It may be being a bit idealistic to think that by voting with our wallets we wrung these changes out of the bean-counting suits at Waves. If they were a bit friendlier they could have pointed out a policy type to get for such an ethereal neither here nor there device.

Lots of charlatans, snake oil salesmen, and QAnon disciples try to predict when decisions come out. It’s unclear how big this wave is or whether UT will continue releasing decisions throughout the weekend. Most will only cover the 25.00 the physical iLok is worth. So if you’re thinking to attend an event primarily because you think it will improve your chances, save yourself the time and don’t. This event took on issues that have been created by climate change, that affect people among different populations within Arizona. We had a inspiring conversation about climate justice and its impacts within both the Flagstaff and NAU community as a whole. We are proud of the City of Flagstaff Climate Emergency Declaration and their leadership within our community. We are in the creation phase of our climate action planning process and we want to ensure we are reflecting the needs of our campus.

What is a Climate Action Plan (CAP)? 3, Wednesday, December 22: A few Plan II and Health Science Scholars Honors decisions trickled out in the past week. Located in Arizona, we face increased climate vulnerabilities such as water scarcity, extreme heat waves, wildfires, and public health issues. What does NAU Climate Action mean to you? Please give us your feedback. Similar to a campus Master Plan, a Climate Action Plan can inform discretionary decision-making regarding the strategic direction of the university. Access your Waves account and click Buy Waves Update Plan. Also, you don’t have to buy it every year, since the price doesn’t move when you’re out of date. There is a clear trend of customers who buy once, then never returns because they’ve found adequate alternatives and refuse to pay for WUP and crazy prices for such old plugins. But if you currently have, let’s say, v7 licenses on your iLok, you can re-install v7 plugins and use them, no WUP required, of course provided you system and DAW is supported by v7. Once you fight your way up to Mercury then you’ll get more “free stuff” every time you do have to pay the WUP.

SO far this year we have seen the DBX160 and Butch Vig Vocals, with H-Reverb on the way. This is by far the latest their process has dragged out. Nobody has a crystal ball and can predict when and who finds out early. I can easily see how they could be concerned of lost sales, though – look at how many used Waves packages are for sale in classified adds. Yes I lost it. Waves has lost much of it’s value. If you’re still waiting and worried, and almost everyone certainly is, I wouldn’t read to much into this. So, maybe they’re still interviewing students? 8, Tuesday, February 15: UT Business Honors is still interviewing applicants. BHP continues interviewing applicants, and I imagine they will continue doing so into January. BHP continues to release interviews. BHP has deferred many applicants until March 1, including those who they haven’t interviewed yet. 100. Earlier this year, the company delayed the originally planned March 2021 rollout until July. Schools would have exceeded the spending limit on March 1 and would have had to quickly plan for cutbacks that could have included closures or layoffs if the Legislature had not acted.

A Climate Action Plan serves as a strategic document that helps guide a community towards a common stewardship goal. In the Spring of 2019, City of Flagstaff Sustainability outlined potential areas that NAU could play a role in the City’s Climate Action and Adaption goals. It is a campus wide effort that extends into the greater Flagstaff and Northern Arizona community. A community wide presentation with NAU Office of Sustainability, the Environmental Caucus, City of Flagstaff Sustainability, and ECOSS on campus. If you were unable to make it to the CAP Virtual Campus Forum on April 7th, 2021, here is a recording of the forum. We are focused on community engagement to ensure that we create a plan that reflects our current needs from our greater campus community. The current Climate Crisis is a global emergency and it is important to respond as such. A majority of university Climate Action Plans focus on lessening consumption, carbon footprint, and creating a more sustainable institution.

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