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So if you would have done the WUP or upgraded to a larger bundle – it would already be 2.5 years with Win8 still being current. Currently v6,7,8, and 9 are available for download, the only restriction is that since upgraded you can’t downgrade. NO – they are not mostly 20 years old – nowhere close! I haven’t renewed my WUP for e.g. my SSL and CLA bundles for 3 years (I am still on V7 for those) without any issues. Yeah, I spoke to Waves support today in regards to them “holding” back on updates on plug-ins/bundles that aren’t currently “WUP” to date. I’ve since replaced all of my Waves plugs and no longer do business with them. 180-200 for a years worth of probably the best support and maintenance in the business and you receive most of their new plugins free of charge. Users also received free upgrades to SoundGrid compatible plugins not long before that.

This model focuses on getting as many customers “in the front door” for free or very cheap and then as they put more money into the product, they get more complete services including free updates. Also, is it so that if you buy a new Waves product every year, you get free WUP for all your existing Waves products too, or how is it? WUP. This is terrible marketing. You can just renew your WUP once every 2 years and be as up to date as you need to be. So Waves can be quite generous in that respect. Additionally, for every dollar you spend Waves Update Plan, you’ll earn credit toward the purchase of any product or upgrade. I believe buying a new product does not automatically WUP all products you have. If you do change them, your existing plugins still might work in the new environment, so you will need to buy WUP only if they don’t. I notice that there are bug fixes for some of the plugins i use, namely fixes for memory leaks in the Aphex Exciter and the Kramer T.T. The Aphex Exciter was updated when I started Logic, I am not sure how much it would cost to get the updated Kramer T.T.

How much is the WUP for these plugins for the next year, or if they are still compatible, and I need to update them only after 5 years, how much would the WUP be then? The license for the bundle has to be updated in order to use the new plugins and if your WUP has expired for that bundle then you won’t be able to update it. Buy the WUP on your individual plugins/bundles, but NOT Gold or RennMax (if any of your individual plugins are included in Platinum, exclude those as well). I contacted them yesterday as all of my Waves plugs WUP have expired,the last was Gold/Renn Max bundles that expired yesterday. Plus, you’ll receive all the plugins that were added since your coverage was last active. WUP comes into effect more when you have bundles and they add plugins to the bundle. But if you currently have, let’s say, v7 licenses on your iLok, you can re-install v7 plugins and use them, no WUP required, of course provided you system and DAW is supported by v7.

Plus, you’ll receive, retroactively, all the plugins that were added since your coverage was last active. 300 per product, regardless of how much time has passed since your coverage was last updated. Waves, is much cheaper than the total of our other developers plugs. I personally don’t see the issue, much better than subscription to as I keep saying. I can easily see how they could be concerned of lost sales, though – look at how many used Waves packages are for sale in classified adds. You can pay and renew your subscription once the licensing period has elapse, the emails are usually friendly reminders stating that you are no longer covered. We say again, you pay WUP when you need it. You can install, re-install and activate older versions even when your WUP expires, provided you still have licenses compatible with them. Waves account name and they can sort it out. Turns out they gave me extra time, Jan 2017, if I recall correctly!

Will they be here 20 years out like Waves has already shown? Overall this method IMHO is the smart way and makes sure all pricing tier of customers remain happy and overall they WILL net more happy customers. 2 years – 3 – more? Certainly an awful lot has changed in 20 years. Windows 8 was released Oct 26 2012. That is 2 and a half years ago and Win8 is still the current version. 12.50 for two years. All DAW folk are a small group (tiny even) compared to Phone and iPad people. I’m sure some people do “pay to sell” but because of that policy it doesn’t really make sense unless you’re talking about larger bundles. There is a clear trend of customers who buy once, then never returns because they’ve found adequate alternatives and refuse to pay for WUP and crazy prices for such old plugins. Of course, with Mercury I get every plugin that Waves releases so it’s not like I every pay for WUP and don’t get anything new. Bundle. The WUP on my T.T. For example, if I buy CLA compressor bundle and DBX 160 in addition, what happens after 1 year? When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.