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For highly profitable PTE taxpayers, substantial benefits may be recognized by these state entity-level tax elections under the right factual situations. 2. The PTE owner’s share of distributed income is passed through in the usual fashion, but the individual owners are allowed a “credit” for the tax paid by the PTE. Since individual owners of … Read more

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Universities tend to release their decisions on Friday afternoons to lessen any impacts of gossip at school, releasing decisions during school days, and to help any animosity calm down a little bit before offices reopen the following Monday. We had a inspiring conversation about climate justice and its impacts within both the Flagstaff and NAU … Read more

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Prices. Offers and discounts are always good news and, on Black Friday, many products reach the lowest prices of the whole year. 30 or more after the introductory pricing expires, whereas Starry Internet pricing remains the same after the first year. Sign up for Disney PlusWay back in 2017, Disney’s then-CEO Bob Iger noted that … Read more

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It’s a unit that wildly underperformed in 2021, Zack Martin notwithstanding, and the experiment at left guard (i.e., Connor McGovern versus Connor Williams) only revealed new issues, along with the uneven play of center Tyler Biadasz. He’s much better than Connor McGovern but, given what McGovern put on film at LG1, I don’t believe that’s … Read more

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All of that depends on whether or not 5G home internet service is even an option at your address. But Bluetti generated even more excitement with its first sodium-ion battery power station and its smallest-ever compact power solution. Even if you are an introvert (and that’s another post because I have some thoughts on that … Read more