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As an institutional leader, NAU is responding to this global issue with a focus on adaptability, innovation, and stewardship. A Climate Action Plan serves as a strategic document that helps guide a community towards a common stewardship goal. From our Kickoff meeting with the Environmental Caucus in April 2019, we have been gathering and compiling feedback from the campus community. Similar to a campus Master Plan, durag wave cap a Climate Action Plan can inform discretionary decision-making regarding the strategic direction of the university. This event took on issues that have been created by climate change, that affect people among different populations within Arizona. It seems some non-auto admits have also received their majors, but most auto-admit decisions have not been released. A handful of my top academic auto-admit clients have gained admission. A few others have gained admission to their first-choice major, but this is not a big decision release it seems. Some auto admits have received their second choice major. Auto admits not given their first or second major were offered whatever they chose on the final page of Apply Texas like Liberal Arts or Education. 5, Friday, January 21, 2022: Uncharacteristically, UT has rejected some auto admits of their first choice major.

In 2018, UT-Austin released their first “wave” of decisions on Friday evening, December 7, which I discuss here. Unclear if those were all of the acceptances to be released. 6, Tuesday, January 25, 2022: UT has released a small batch of acceptances, including for Architecture and Fine Arts. Architecture and Fine Arts students should also expect delays. 7, Tuesday, February 1: Many honors decisions went out, including for Turing, Liberal Arts Honors, Plan II, and varied Natural Sciences honors. 6, Friday, January 28 2022, 6:40pm: UT has started releasing the main decisions, including CAP. I have my eye on Friday, January 28 as the big decision dump since, historically in most cycles, the main admit/reject wave comes on the final Friday of January. This is the first time I can recall UT rejecting students prior to the main wave that comes at the end of January. A few students in Open Records Requests accessed their Recruiter data. 3, Wednesday, December 22: A few Plan II and Health Science Scholars Honors decisions trickled out in the past week.

This is by far the latest their process has dragged out. We are in the creation phase of our climate action planning process and we want to ensure we are reflecting the needs of our campus. We want to hear from you! 300 worth of plug-ins you want. But once I got the WUP message, I wondered: If any of those plug-ins had been out of WUP-coverage when I ran the r19 installer, would I have been allowed to re-install them? 10 comes out i will need to update WUP .. but i am not clear .. It’s unclear how big this wave is or whether UT will continue releasing decisions throughout the weekend. I anticipate all decisions to be released by the weekend. How many decisions must be released for it to be a “wave? In the Spring of 2019, City of Flagstaff Sustainability outlined potential areas that NAU could play a role in the City’s Climate Action and Adaption goals.

It is a campus wide effort that extends into the greater Flagstaff and Northern Arizona community. If you were unable to make it to the CAP Virtual Campus Forum on April 7th, 2021, here is a recording of the forum. 600-whatever dollars was gonna make me homeless, but because I did not even use the supposed service they were charging me for. Also I use the word “guess” “estimate” a lot in forums, because stating anything to be “fact” is an invitation for someone to pick it apart and argue for arguments sake. I don’t use those. I use their plugs on every song I do. I got L316 & L316LL, they sound excellent and are Low Latency, Phase coherent and now mono or stereo, very nice plugs. Princeton Review provides a nice working definition that checks out with my experiences. Also, you don’t have to buy it every year, since the price doesn’t move when you’re out of date.

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