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Even with the formal November 1 deadline that UT started in 2017, it is almost certainly the case that the majority of all applicants still procrastinate and wait until the last two weeks to complete their application. Friday, January 25, 2019: All clients who applied by November 1 received their admissions decision. Plus I still have another problem stemming back to January that still isn’t resolved. They have great customer service and they care about their products. I will say this: There are better options available for much less money that also provide far superior customer service. 500 product. – So yeah it looks like if you invest in more processors than the WUP starts looking fiscally better. Once you fight your way up to Mercury then you’ll get more “free stuff” every time you do have to pay the WUP. A little bit of research into customer services that involves a decent trade off between their excellent and often speedy response to Apples endless OS updates and what customers should pay for that could be good – for everyone.

The only paid updates I can recall were during the OS9 to OSX transition- please correct me if I’m wrong. What is so wrong with this? I just purchased the REDD plugs as well and have sort of the same set up as you (Aphex Exciter WUP up to date and Kramer TTT Bundle not up to date). A lot of people don’t realize that when you WUP, the expiration date for all the plugins you WUP’d is a year after your latest expiring plugin, which is why you can often get an extra year out of it. That’s why whether you apply in August or October, the earliest possible date you will find out is early December. They will interview around twice as many applicants as they intend to admit. 3 more OOS applicants received rejections on February 1. 3 gained admission on Appeal later on. I define rolling admissions in practice as, within a week or two after applying, the university notifies you of whether you gain admission or not.

SCC and haven’t been renewing WUP every year, so it seems like the new plan is there to get people like me to renew right when my WUP expires, instead of waiting a year or two. Related, people often ask, “UTD and Texas A&M admitted for Engineering already. UT-Dallas and Texas A&M and definitely less selective schools begin release their favorable decisions “on a rolling basis” as they receive their applications. Business Honors begins offering phone interviews generally in mid-November on a rolling basis. Does UT have rolling admissions? If you own less of their plugins then you get discounts against buying new ones for the value of the WUP you have paid for. I have no plans on ever buying another Waves product. Even if things don’t work out with UT-Austin, I’m sure there are other universities that will love to have you join. The other concern is not feeling confident that I can run any new release installer (maybe even just to fix Waves Tune if it’s still in WUP) after the first WUP expiration without the possibility of losing some plug-ins.

Lok is the biggest scam every pulled, and Waves is the most arrogant plugin developer where they assume the customer stole somthing before they even tried their plugins. I have downloaded the latest version of the licence center and the new version of the Aphex, but the plugin has not updated. Also it would seem that anything version 9.2 (v9r22 I think) and before are not compatible to run side by side with v9.3 (v9r23 i think) plugins. Please don’t be offended, I was venting a bit, got trapped with a non-working/barely working PT setup for 2 days due to version differences. But once you get a Mac Pro, now you`ve got to pay for upgrades with all software. And you only need to pay WUP when a new format is needed or you update from some pretty old OS to a new one. There were, evidently, some smaller batches that went out in the Fridays in between, but for the past few years, UT has released decisions in three or four big batches before the final one at the end of January. Go to their site, and look about Loss/Fefth prevention, their legacy one suggested you buy insurance for your iLok, “Honesty” fee, – WT.!

It’s really that easy to insure an iLok, which is why impassioned rants against them make me laugh. I haven’t WUP’d in over 2 years, but the time was definitely right to make the jump again. Seriously, if they could just get the balance right. Right now, wave cap you’re spouting theories like they’re fact. They will work for a LONG time unless something fundamental changes in the users system – Like RTAS to AAX. Will they be here 20 years out like Waves has already shown? There will come a time when you will no longer record and will have no use for the software at which point it will be useless. There are many other plug-ins out there that will get the job done. If everything is running fine on your G3 in OS9, stay there. I recently seen a response to a similar thread out there in internetland saying they won’t be abandoning it either.