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silhouette of 2 women standing on wooden dock during sunset Meanwhile, as plugins go, there’s still a few in the Platinum bundle that I find useful, but I don’t think I’d ever upgrade my bundle or add more of their products. 50 sales for these old plugins and then crank the regular price, then add WUP when it’s not even needed, and when support is not needed. IMO – ALL audio plugins are niche. This means, if you have upgraded to v9, your licenses are upgraded with the plugins, so you cannot downgrade them back (this is since 2013 I think). When all is said and done, you will have WUP’d all your individual plugs, and upgraded from Gold to Platinum (which will include a whole year of WUP), for virtually no more money than just doing one or the other. Why is it ok for one company to charge for updates and not for another? They already begin playing the comparison game “Such and such classmate has THIS rank and THAT score which is WAY lower than mine, why did they hear back and not me? International applicants usually hear back on the last day of February or the first day of March. That enrollment figure is based on the previous years’ attendance, and last year enrollment dipped precipitously as parents pulled their kids out of school because of COVID-19.

” The answer is no. Not finding out early doesn’t mean you’re denied. Not receiving a decision doesn’t signal anything substantial. I share my thoughts about the piecemeal/non-transparent decision release schedule in this hot take video. Friday, January 25, 2019: All clients who applied by November 1 received their admissions decision. Nobody has a crystal ball and can predict when and who finds out early. I recently seen a response to a similar thread out there in internetland saying they won’t be abandoning it either. There is always a ton of anxiety and stress when the first batch comes out. Friday, January 15, 2021: A small batch of admissions decisions went out around 5pm. No students had been rejected. January 27, 2021: UT publishes their official (heavily downvoted) video. I published a video sharing my thoughts. This DOES NOT mean you receive your major especially if you’re applying for anything outside of Liberal Arts. Thursday, December 10, 2020: UT releases the first major “wave” of the Fall Freshman 2021 cycle with non-auto admits gaining admission across most majors. In this post, I share what I know from previous cycles and what applicants might expect for Fall 2020 first-time freshman admissions releases.

I also share in that post when Fall 2018 decisions were released. They’re used primarily to drive application numbers and share information. When did previous UT application cycles hear back? Friday, December 7: 12 clients heard back including 1 OOS, 3 Business, 3 Computer Science, 2 Communications, and 3 Engineering. November 22, 2019, was the first release of Major decisions for a very small handful of top 6% Engineering, Business, and other majors. Friday, January 18, 2019: 6 clients received admission to Business, CS, Communications, UGS, and Liberal Arts. Friday, January 11, 2019: 3 clients (2 Business and 1 Engineering) received word on January 11 in a smaller “second wave” discussed here. Business Honors begins offering phone interviews generally in mid-November on a rolling basis. Plan II honors release a handful of honors decisions. Thursday, December 5 saw another small release. November 20, 2020: UT released a small batch of auto and non-auto Texas residents from a variety of majors.

There is a small chance they could release some decisions over Thanksgiving break or on random days in between. 40 Acres Semifinalists were notified over the weekend of January 3. Fifteen of my clients heard back at this time. In the past few cycles, everyone has heard back by February 1 regardless of whether they applied by the November 1 priority deadline. There were, evidently, some smaller batches that went out in the Fridays in between, but for the past few years, UT has released decisions in three or four big batches before the final one at the end of January. A few students in Open Records Requests accessed their Recruiter data. We can only look at past data and use “inductive reasoning” to make imperfect forecasts about what may happen in subsequent years. UT began releasing decisions early about five years ago to have a recruiting edge on most selective universities who wait until the very end to release their decisions.

Spring 2021 Transfer: Most applicants who had more than 24 hours completed heard “yes” on Wednesday, December 9. More decisions continue rolling out each day. A broken clock is right twice a day. Architecture and Fine Arts students should also expect delays. Nobody can answer, not even your assigned UT admissions counselor, why some students hear back early while others don’t. Nobody knows when, how, or why some students receive their decisions earlier than others. A lot of people don’t realize that when you WUP, the expiration date for all the plugins you WUP’d is a year after your latest expiring plugin, which is why you can often get an extra year out of it. With Waves Update Plan, you’ll receive new plugins as they’re added to your bundles. Waves’ update policy did help in the end! No student is ever denied their major or to UT overall early – those decisions go out all at once usually at the end of January/beginning of February. Almost all colleges/schools released some decisions at this time including for out of state applicants.