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6, Friday, January 28 2022, 6:40pm: UT has started releasing the main decisions, satin wave cap including CAP. This is the first time I can recall UT rejecting students prior to the main wave that comes at the end of January. I have my eye on Friday, January 28 as the big decision dump since, historically in most cycles, the main admit/reject wave comes on the final Friday of January. Some Forty Acres semifinalists notifications have gone out, including to applicants who have yet to gain admission. 2, Wednesday, December 15, 2021: It seems UT has released a small batch of decisions, including non-auto admits and out-of-state for selective majors like CS, Engineering, and Business. 8, Tuesday, February 15: UT Business Honors is still interviewing applicants. I still don’t have a clear definition of what “rolling admissions” means when people ask me because I suspect they themselves aren’t completely sure what rolling admissions entails. I’ve been watching and commenting UT admissions for a decade, and if I don’t know when decisions come out, nobody does.

Natural Science Honors programs don’t usually release any early decisions and instead wait until February. Some honors programs released admissions offers after February 1 even for students who applied by the November 1 priority deadline. Historically, these are the programs who hear back last. BHP has deferred many applicants until March 1, including those who they haven’t interviewed yet. 7, Tuesday, February 1: Many honors decisions went out, including for Turing, Liberal Arts Honors, Plan II, and varied Natural Sciences honors. Friday, January 18, 2019: 6 clients received admission to Business, CS, Communications, UGS, and Liberal Arts. Plan II and Liberal Arts Honors each released decisions in the first wave in early December last year. Auto admits not given their first or second major were offered whatever they chose on the final page of Apply Texas like Liberal Arts or Education. Related, people often ask, “UTD and Texas A&M admitted for Engineering already.

4, Friday, January 14, 2022: UT has released some decisions, mainly auto-admitted Texas residents. 6, Tuesday, January 25, 2022: UT has released a small batch of acceptances, including for Architecture and Fine Arts. Last year, admissions managed to review and release all decisions including out of state and December 1 RD applicants. Review what we heard below! Normally it goes seamless, so you don’t spend money for WUP unless you really need it. Only if you need to. Why do we need a CAP? What about CAP and PACE? What is a Climate Action Plan (CAP)? We are in the creation phase of our climate action planning process and we want to ensure we are reflecting the needs of our campus. We want to hear from you! I paid WUP while having version 3 (Gold), and got versions 6 and 7. With the WUP I got not only the newer versions, but additional plugins as well. But once you get a Mac Pro, now you`ve got to pay for upgrades with all software. The phonecall where I was told that in order to get the current update, I needed to pay for 2 past years worth of “support” which I never used was pretty scarring ..

UT began releasing decisions early about five years ago to have a recruiting edge on most selective universities who wait until the very end to release their decisions. A few others have gained admission to their first-choice major, but this is not a big decision release it seems. A handful of my top academic auto-admit clients have gained admission. I also have called Tech Support several times and actually talk to a human being within 5 minutes. Like when the upgrade to 10 comes out or you need to rescue your licenses from a lost key, or you need tech support. This time of year can be frustrating because I can only say “no need to worry,” but of course that does nothing to diminish the doubt and anxiety. Just like UAD; because of the investment required and the need to purchase DSP I don’t need, it’s not a good deal for me so I sold mine.

So far, it looks like all CAP/rejections. If it’s a subscription they will charge you monthly, which will cost you MORE than the MAXIMUM payment you’d have to make to a company like Waves. I have yet to have to cross that bridge thankfully. 240 responses and have linked to the results below. Some auto admits have received their second choice major. 5, Friday, January 21, 2022: Uncharacteristically, UT has rejected some auto admits of their first choice major. Usually, in past cycles with the first big release, about a quarter to a third of my clients get in, and online communities buzz. A special sales tax dedicated to schools is also being counted under the cap for the first time because the Legislature extended voter-approved Proposition 301 but for the first time allowed its spending to be counted. It doesn’t appear to be the “big wave” that tends to go out around this time. I receive these frequently asked questions around this same time every year.